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New dance piece commissioned by "Laboratorio de Danza Contemporánea UANL"

... imagine a person with a lance in it's forehead, that is necessary to take of, nevertheless it will cause a somatic pain ... to unfold, to read and analyze our gender has a los of benefits, but also risks to take, by taking a Crystal of incrusted in our skin.

Words taking from "La nueva maculinidad de siempre: Capitalismo, deseo y falofobias" by Antonio J. Rodríguez.

"Sabor a Mentha Artificial" its an original work produced by "Laboratorio de Danza Contemporánea de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León" and will premiere in October 2021.

Shots taken during a creation workshop facilitated by Mauricio Ascencio and Espacio Expectante MTY, as part of the creative process in the visual exploration for this piece.

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