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Daniel Is a freelance dance artist and choreographer based in Monterrey, Mexico. He generates independent art projects and continue to explore movement within interdisciplinary collaborations. His works have been present in several international festivals and venues such as XII Yucatán Escénica Festival 2021, ENARTES Mexican Festival for the Performing Arts 2021, 5th Mexico City Video Dance Festival, XXXVIII Premio Nacional de Danza Guillermo Arriaga (Mexico's national choreographic award), Extremadura International Dance Festival, Árido MTY Festival, Encuentros Mutantes, DOMO, Santa Lucia Internacional Arts Festival Monterrey, Mexico City Internacional Contemporary Dance Festival and XIII "DZM" International Festival at Caceres, Spain, where he received an special mention for his choreographic work and reached International exposure ever since. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Contemporary Dance from Monterrey School of Music and Dance (INBAL) and graduated with special commendation.

Daniel has collaborated with artists such as Carlos Amorales, Roberto Ortiz Giacomán, José Olivares, Areli Moran, Shannon Guillen, Vanessa Woodman, Edgar Zendejas, Jhon Zullo, Samy Nevarez and Sunny Savoy. As a freelance artist, he has performed in Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Germany. He is currently a faculty member at ESMDM (INBAL) and created "Sabor a Mentha Natural", a new stage production commissioned by the Contemporary Dance Lab UANL in Monterrey City, premiering in October 2021.


He also holds the "Jóvenes Creadores" grant from the Mexican government, fostering the creation process of his new dance piece called MIGUEL premiering in December 2021.

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