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Medium format work for 3 dancers

Italian forum  

Aimed at adult audiences

Based on the text "Mass and Power" from Elias Canetti, which lists the characteristics of the masses, their symbols, behavior and movement. One of them being the rain that is configured as a conglomerate mass of drops; they detonate a fall movement: "There is no direction that makes a more impression on man than the fall", Canetti. This piece take the concepts of failure and fall to experience thee ephemeral in the behavior of the masses.

The language is created from the movement mechanics of the objects on stage, specifically wooden scrolls, to create a "seesaw" that generates a child like atmosphere using weight and balance. What moves the space? What is it that connects things and gives meaning to their existence?


Artistic direction and choreography: Daniel Luis 

Creators on stage: Azucena Rodríguez, Ranniely Piñero and Vivian Oviedo. Sandra Nazaret Miranda Jiménez original cast.

Original Music: Gabriel Ricardo Esparza Montoya

Lighting design: Raúl Aurelio Palomino Domìnguez

Scenic Space Design: Edgar Ramirez Espinoza

Costume Design: Úrsula Tania Miranda Jiménez

Scenic Videography: DanzaNet SC

Photography: Nath Matin 

Acknowledgments: Guadalupe Montiel, Expectant Space, Monterrey School of Music and Dance, Breadbox Monterrey  

Work premiered during the XXXVIII Guillermo Arriaga National Dance Award in Mexico City.

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