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Daniel Luis' new commission by "Laboratorio de Danza Contemporánea de la UANL"

Beggining in march 2021, Daniel Luis has started a new creatuve process commissioned by "Laboratorio de Danza Contemporánea de la UANL" under the direction of Aurora Buensuceso.

This research comes around the idea of masculinity, exploring new ways of naming one self and the representation of male bodies; plant care as a way to extrapolate ideas such as self care and personal hygiene.

Here are some shots taken in the first movement laboratory, where 28 bodies gathered in 5 different groups research, through movement, the diversity in masculinity.

Thanks to José Olivares, Jonathan Rodríguez, Gabriel Coronado, Vanessa Moya, Tania Maria Perez, Lucila Vepe, Atlas Genesis, Norma Alvizo, Sofá Felix, Edgar Gonzalez, Edgar Bocanegra, David Juárez, Mane Lopez, Jonathan Rocha, Hector Mendez, Lisandro Ramírez, XOXO, Israel Castillo, Gilberto Favian, Victor Burgoa, Vivian Oviedo, Pedro Pauli, Daniel Martínez and Eric Rodríguez.


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