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Daniel Luis and Samanta Nevarez

Large format work for 2 dancers

Italian forum  

Aimed at all audiences

The idea of the work is based on certain experiences, images, videos and audios that came from 2020, changing our perception of daily life and making us feel that we now live in a world of fiction.

Through a creative process, we take these experiences and transform them into an artistic product that reflects our position in the face of the new reality.


VEINTE21 is a contemporary dance stage piece that proposes a chaotic and surreal vision of what the immediate future could be.


Artistic direction, choreography and interpretation: Daniel Luis and Samy Nevarez 

Original Music: Gabriel Esparza

Lighting design: Pepe Cristerna

Scenic Space Design: Daniel Luis and Samy Nevarez 

Costume Consultant: Úrsula Miranda

Photography: Laura Álvarez, Jorge Cárdenas, CONARTE

Acknowledgments: Expectant Space, Higher School of Music and Dance of Monterrey  

Work premiered at the XXXVI Metropolitan Meeting of Contemporary Dance of Monterrey 2021

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